We must constantly remind ourselves that inmates cannot search for answers as conveniently as we can.  Access to the internet is non-existent or limited at best.  There is no church down the street where they can just drop in and ask questions, seeking guidance, and ask for help.  That is why this publication is so critical in helping inmates walk with God, and is why we must succeed at all cost.

The Redemption Row Herald is available free of charge to any jail or prison Chaplain, or any organized jail or prison outreach team.  Please feel free to fill out a Distribution Request here and one of our Regional Representatives will be in contact with you.

The Redemption Row Herald is one of our primary tools used to spread the profound Word of God to inmates everywhere.  It is produced and published by Redemption Row International each month and is available for distribution to any county jail, state prison, federal prison, and detention center, free of charge.

Imagine being handed a Bible without any instructions, encouragement, direction, or explanation.  We as Christians firmly believe that the Bible is  

the complete Word of God, without error, and provides all the information necessary for our walk with God.  But how much easier would it be to learn from the Bible with a Guide? 

That is our goal with The Redemption Row Herald newspaper, to provide a guide and direction to the Bible and to help inmates with their daily walk with God.  It is filled each month with stories, articles, testimonies, art work, and daily devotionals such as Daily Bread provided by RCB ministries.  This newspaper provides an excellent resource for learning, growing, maturing, and understanding the awesome power of God.